I only go to Saratoga once or twice a year, but I always look for a place to grab a couple beers while I'm in town. I wish I had found this place sooner so I could've stopped looking. Their selection is great, the IPAs were fresh, the staff was knowledgeable, and you could get singles of anything (just break them out of the packs). Great for someone in town for only a couple of days and want to try a couple locals.

Robert Fecher

I love EBI. My favorite beverage store in Saratoga. They always have a pretty good selection!!

Emmalee Corlew

My go to place for brew a fine selection of many fine domestic and imported beverages, new hours for the winter, drink responsibility my friends

David Suttie

EBI is my go-to beer store. The selection and the knowledge can't be beat. I recommend signing up for the text alerts for when new arrivals come to town. It's definitely a good way to be introduced to new beers.

Gilbert Prieto

Quite different from the "beer worlds" down by me. Found it great that the beer selection was incredibly varied and that all the products were fresh. I highly recommend visiting.

Bob Lane

Love this place. The employee was extremely helpful and gave awesome recommendation!

Carol Peplowski

Great selection and helpful service!!